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Conversiobot Review – The modern world is everything that people imagined decades ago. Advanced industry and technology are full of highly complex systems that are full of automation, meaning the minimal role of humans in operations.

You can always hear about new innovations to solve a problem or new technology to make everything easier and faster.

With the advancement, the emergence of robots and / or how they are used, you can definitely identify a few instruments that are used in space, education, entertainment and various large industries.

What is Conversiobot?

Conversiobot Review is an AI chatbot designed to help website owners convert their leads into customers and sales.

The affiliate bot was created by two successful and popular internet entrepreneurs Simon Wood and Imran S. ConversibleBot cloud-based software can be installed on your site with plugins or code.

It works by helping you build a chatbot in minutes and create the right script as well as increase your conversions,

Either with a simple “drag and drop” interface or with a fully customizable “made for you” chatbot allowing you to create your own. Using Conversiobot, you can easily install your chatbot on your website by uploading plugins to your WordPress dashboard.

Then, you can install a single line of code. Conversiobot has two different offers. You can get Conversiobot Lite offer and Conversiobot Pro offer.

What is a chat bot?

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence-based computer program that mimics human conversations. Bots are digital assistants who understand human capabilities through interpretation, processing user requests, and providing instant relevant answers.

Chatbots can test and communicate via voice. In addition to meeting 60-90% of the average workload of a human team, they engage with your audience happily and interactively.

How to use Conversiobot Chat Bot

Conversiobot is a user-friendly artificial intelligence chatbot that does not require much knowledge from users. Given this is a simple process, you will have no problem using ConverseBot for higher conversions.

There are three essential functions through which people can set up ConverseBot on their website. First open the chatbot software. Next, open the main Conversiobot dashboard, from where you can explore a variety of chatbot templates.

It has templates under different categories such as Affiliate, Discount, Feedback, Lead Generation, Social Share. For each template, you can hit

Click the “Preview” button to test it. Choose any chatbot design template you want. After selecting the chat design template, you need to select the chatbot code line and copy the code created on your website.

Next, press Customize each module in your Flow Chat. The next step is to customize your design bot as background, message bubble, bot message, user message, text and bot design.

It offers a “drag and drop” builder using which you can design a chatbot for your website in minutes. Also, you can set elements like bot settings, widget settings, word settings, email notification settings.

Automatic response settings, target settings. Later, publish your chatbot. There are several options to choose from when publishing, such as full page bots, bot widgets, embedded bots, WordPress plugins. You don’t have to worry about how ConverseBot works, because the product has a video that will guide you step by step.

1- Pass one of the complete AI chat templates you have.

2- Click to create a line of chatbot code link.

3- Finally, copy and paste the single link code into the main section of your website.


You get other bonuses with your purchase, such as templates, Conversiobot Review and more. It’s time to join this trend and get cash ever before.

It is a simple understanding system that does not require any skills or prior knowledge. You don’t have to be a computer wizard to work through it, and you can go as you are.

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