David Guetta Net Worth, Age, Wife, Songs

David Guetta celebrity net worth: David Guetta is a pop culture phenomenon, having sold over 10 million albums and 65 million singles worldwide. He has taken DJ’ing to a whole different level and was voted the world’s No. 1 DJ by the Top 100 DJ poll.

He has come a long way since his early days at the Broad Club in Paris. Starting from nothing, he worked his way up to become one of the highest paid celebrities in the world.

David Guetta Early Life

Pierre David Guetta was born on November 7, 1967 in Paris, France. Raised in a Jewish family with Moroccan roots, Pierre became interested in music from an early age. His elder half-brother Bernard Guetta is a famous French journalist, his elder half-sister Nathalie Guetta is a French actress.


David first started out as a DJ after performing at the Broad Club in Paris. At first, he just made people dance by playing popular songs. Eventually, he discovered house music and fell in love with this new musical genre.

Later, Guetta began organizing his own club nights in collaboration with local hip-hop artists. In the mid-90s, David started coming out with his singles. “Up and Away” became his first club hit and in 1994 he became manager of Le Palace nightclub.

David Guetta Career Earnings

With his best-selling albums regularly hitting the top of the charts, it’s no wonder David is as rich as he is.

David Guetta’s salary varies depending on the number of shows he books, but it is estimated that he earns more than $30 million per year.

David Guetta’s Net Worth Annually

David Guetta’s net worth skyrocketed after parting ways with Warner Music in 2021, taking his net worth from $100 million to $150 million.

Personal life

David Guetta married nightclub manager Kathy Lobb in 1992. They have two children; A daughter, Angie and a son, Tim Elvis Eric. Unfortunately, David and Cathy divorced in March 2014 after 22 years of marriage.

He travels regularly and even shared his experience of living in Dubai during the pandemic on his official Instagram account.


What is David Guetta’s net worth in 2023?

As of January 2023, David Guetta’s net worth is over $90 million, and the numbers are staggering considering Forbes reports that he earns $30 million per year. Most of his earnings come from his singles, albums and world tours. He invests most of the earnings in the production house.

Who is David Guetta?

He co-founded Gum Productions with Jean-Charles Carré and Joachim Garaud and released his debut album ‘Just a Little More Love’ in 2002. Anyone who knows what a DJ is, has heard of David Guetta, that’s for sure.

How many albums has Guetta sold?

He has sold over nine million albums and thirty million singles worldwide. In 2011, Guetta was voted the number one DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll. In 2013, Billboard crowned “When Love Takes Over” as the number one dance-pop collaboration of all time.

Who is David Guetta from richest celebrities and DJs?

She released her debut album Just a Little More Love in 2002, featuring the songs “Love Don’t Let Me Go” and “People Come People Go”. Education details are not available at this time. David Guetta is one of the richest celebrities and DJs.


David Guetta remains the most famous DJ in the world and his compilation and music production skills are sought after by pop stars everywhere.

David guetta yearly income of more than $50 million in one year shows that even after all these years, David still has skills and talent. He has his eyes on the stars, he really wants to perform in space.

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