Does Abundant Mind Really Work?

Abundant mind review: Abundant Mind is a huge database of subliminal visualization videos proven to help people who struggle with visualization and manifest their dreams.

Each Abundant Mindfulness Subminimal Visualization Video is a powerful high definition themed video that combines four of the most essential mindfulness programming techniques: subliminal messaging, life-changing affirmations, binaural beats, and a meditative audio soundtrack.

Each video aims to trigger true and pure emotions that can break down any wall or barrier of the subconscious mind.

What does Abundant mind include?

The Many Mind Database has a plethora of different visualization subliminal videos that are proven to help you reprogram your subconscious mind. Currently, five different categories of videos are available:

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Wealth and Success

Each video in the Money and Success section is designed to help reprogram the subconscious mind to believe in money and success.

With videos like “Be a Money Magnet” and “Attract a Life of Luxury”, these videos are sure to help people who are trying to not only develop an abundance mind, but also attract an abundant life.

Love and Relationships

In the Love and Relationship section, you will find various videos that will help you attract love into your life.

Along with videos like “Attract Beautiful Women” and “Attract a Perfect Man”, these videos will help you stop any self-depreciating thoughts in your subconscious mind from attracting you to love.

Healing Body and Mind

One of the reasons many people struggle to attract their dreams is because of self-defeating habits and thoughts.

Healing Body and Mind Subliminal visualization videos can help the mind and body heal from fear, anxiety and even past conflicts. It has been said that a man has the power to heal his whole body and mind – that’s where it starts.


Plenty of mindfulness subliminal visualization videos seem like the perfect complement to those struggling with visualization or using the Law of Attraction to help manifest their deepest desires and wishes.

This product, without question, has the highest quality video available on the market today. Built on the foundation of the four visualization elements created by founder Ty Summers, it’s the perfect tool to retrain your subconscious mind from doubt, worry, fear, sadness, or any other self-diminishing factors.

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