Earn Money Playing NFT games

Do you want to earn money Playing NFT games? Non-funky token games are games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency, which you can convert into real-world money.

In the past, you could only make money through sports as a professional player competing in tournaments or betting on sports.

But times have changed, now you can make money as long as you know how to play the game – and as long as you have some money to buy.

These games are fun because you can trade your items, monsters or your crypto with other players. Maybe your parents won’t bother you anymore if you play in your house all day?

It’s important to know that for many of these games, you can’t even make  $1 a day … at least for now. Many players are hoping that when the price of these tokens goes up, they will already be able to get cheaper.

Consider buying Bitcoin when it was still $ 2 per coin (closer to November 2011) and 10 years later it has surpassed $ 46,000.

Top 3 NFT Games To make money playing NFT games

9 Best Crypto NFT Games – Make Money Playing NFT Games

There are a variety of play-to-games available to earn in 2022. Take a closer look at one of the nine best games here. Earn Money Playing NFT games.

Axis Infinity

It is based on the trade-and-battle, play-to-earn game “Axis” – Etherium-Minted NFT, which allows players to collect, breed, raise, fight and trade with other online users. There are different types of axes to choose from and the possibilities for customization are endless. When a player fights and wins with other users, they acquire love drugs that can be sold for AXS tokens.

Axis Infinity has over eight million registered players and about one million of them play it every day. To show how profitable this game has been, Axi Infinity is promoting a digital economy based on crypto resources in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines and Vietnam.


This blockchain-based game lets users create, craft, and survive in its blocky metavers. Sandbox game users can buy a LAND – an NFT – to build a house or castle or earn in-game currency, which is a SAND token. Combining creativity, strategy and survival skills, Sandbox encourages players to actively participate in platforms to buy and sell NFT. The more items players create, the higher they can reach.


Decentraland is a virtual reality platform that allows players to create their own 3D world, buy land and develop whatever they want within the platform. Once a player buys land, they can create whatever they want with it – from creating a different game to opening an online store for business. A player can pay other users to keep their land safe even when they are offline.

To get started with Decentraland, a player must have an Ethereum wallet capable of purchasing and storing the platform’s MANA currency. Then they can start participating on stage. Earn Money Playing NFT games.

Gods Unchained

This blockchain-based play-to-earn game allows users to collect NFT cards to compete against each other. The game revolves around powerful creatures known as “gods”, each of which has a unique ability. The in-game currency GODS can be used to purchase these cards and earn money by defeating other players in battle.

Zed Run

Z Run is a horse racing play-to-earn game that lets users create a variety of horses – curated as NFTs – that they can buy, sell and trade with other players on the platform. Users can breed new horses or upgrade them to make them stronger.

In this play-to-earn game, users race their horses for prizes. Each horse has its own strengths and weaknesses and players can upgrade them to make the winning race easier. They can bet with other players to make money.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a futuristic sci-fi adventure play-to-earn game with a common theme: Play, mine, and upgrade to create an immersive gaming experience. This NFT revolves around alien species, which a player can use to capture and find mines or various items. The more a player upgrades, the more likely he is to win.

Trillium is the official cryptocurrency of Alien Worlds. A player can trade NFTs with other players or use TLM tokens to win battles and missions. Players will also need mining equipment, land and TLM deposits to get started. Earn Money Playing NFT games.

My Defy Pet

My Defy Pet is a monetization game where users keep their virtual pets. They play in a blockchain-based marketplace where anyone can buy, sell and trade these pets.Hey. They can create their pet’s unique NFT by customizing the pet’s features including color, fur pattern, eyes, monogram style, head shape and feathers. This game works on KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain.

Can be used to buy in-game currency, DPET, items or to trade NFT on the game’s official website. DPET coins can also be used to buy clothes, food and other items for virtual pets in the market.

Blankos Block Party

Blanco’s Block Party is a multiplayer party platform where users can play mini-games and complete searches to collect radish or MLA, in-game currency. Users can buy Blanco Bucks with a credit card.

In this game, participants create unique assets, the NFT which provides special in-game capabilities. Players can then buy, sell and trade their Blanco for various benefits. Blancos Block Party is considered one of the best “earnings games”, allowing users to earn NFT while having fun, allowing them to trade their coins for other cryptocurrencies through external exchanges.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an astronomy-based, earn-play game where users can explore space and trade NFT of planets, stars and other objects. Each planet or star has unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest of the game. Players can discover new worlds by traveling around this virtual galaxy at warp speeds.


Non-Fungible Token (NFT) games are based on different decentralized cryptocurrencies. These digital assets are not regulated by any government, which is why their prices fluctuate. So, if you are thinking of “investing” in these earning games, always proceed with caution.

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