Henk Rogers Net Worth: Wife, Age, Height

Henk Rogers Net Worth 2023: Henk Rogers is a Dutch entrepreneur and video game designer based in Japan, best known for creating the popular game Tetris in the late 80s.

They are also known for releasing Japan’s first role-playing game, The Black Onyx. By 2023, Hank Rogers net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

Henk Rogers Net Worth 2023

Hank Rogers earns an estimated $50 million until 2023. He has collected a lot of resources from Tetris and The Black Onyx. To date, he has founded ten successful companies and is still actively pursuing his dream of making a positive impact on the world. Hank owns a home in Tantalus, which he bought in 2013. He also has another home at Puu Wawa Ranch.

Who is Hank Rogers?

Henk Rogers is a businessman and video game developer from Amsterdam. He is the founder of Bullet-Proof Software and Tetris Company. Rogers created The Black Onyx, Japan’s first role-playing video game. Tetris, a biographical film based on Rogers, premieres on Apple TV+ on March 31, 2023.

Rogers was born on December 24, 1953 in Amsterdam. While growing up in the Netherlands, he became interested in all kinds of games and puzzles. Rogers played a lot with Legos as a child. He was about 11 years old when his entire family moved to New York in the mid-1960s.

Henk Rogers Net Worth and Career

Rogers followed his family and moved to his wife Akemi’s native Japan in 1976. While there, he worked for his father’s gem company for about six years.

After some time, he was inspired by the worldwide rise of personal computers and developed his passion for games and technology.

Hank’s passion for the game eventually led him to create Japan’s first major role-playing game, The Black Onyx. He then founded Bullet-Proof Software Publishing Company.

Through this, he could market his product designs and later began traveling the world in search of new games to license and distribute.

Hank Rogers Wife and Personal Life

Hank Rogers is married to Akemi Rogers, whom he first met while attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Akemi returned to his native Japan after completing his studies. Rogers followed him and after three extended visits decided not to return to America. The couple married in 1977 and settled in a small house in the Japanese countryside.

Rogers was working long hours away from the family and his wife was caring for their children. He was in Thailand when Akemi gave birth to their third child. Akemi helped Hank set up a business when he founded the software company Bullet-Proof Software, Inc.

Akemi Rogers stayed mostly out of the media spotlight, while Hank and his daughter May continued to expand the Tetris company. His daughter May became the CEO of Tetris Company and Blue Planet Software. Until now, the Rogers family has settled in the city of Kailua-Kona on the west coast of Hawaii Island.

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