How Can I Lose Weight in 10 Days Without Dieting

How can I lose weight in 10 days without dieting: Everyone wants to lose weight without dieting, right? This may seem like a dream come true, but in reality, it is probably the best way to lose weight because diets do not work. If they didn’t, no one would fight their weight and new diet books would not be published year after year.

Can I lose weight in 10 days without dieting?

Before I start with the tips, I want to clarify one thing. With this article, I am not saying that you can lose weight by eating junk food. Dieting your body with nutritious, whole foods is very different from dieting and as you know, I am all healthy food! The point I want to make is that if you are careful there are other ways to lose weight without following a specific diet, tracking calories and/or macros, counting points, or limiting. Okay, now that I have it on my chest, let’s get it right with our top tips

Can I Lose Weight in 10 Days Without Dieting?

The mind of Food: When you’re on a diet or desperately trying to lose weight, it seems like your world revolves around food and that’s what you’re thinking. What foods can you eat, what foods you can’t eat, how many calories you’re eating, the restaurant you’re going to, what you can eat and when your next meal will be, etc.? It kind of takes over your life. Skip this meditation and focus on other healthy habits like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, taking your daily vitamin intake, etc. Food is important, but don’t underestimate it. Once you stop thinking about food all the time, you end up eating less without any struggle.

Have more fun: Don’t let food (or alcohol) be the fun of your life. For example, if you have to wait for dinner after work, change it! There is more to life than food and food should not be a hobby. Food can and does be enjoyable and some foods are very exciting (especially for food lovers), but you also need other areas of enjoyment in your life.

Work in other areas of your life: Sit down and list all areas of your life – your career, your relationships with significant others, your relationships with friends and family, your hobbies, etc. Once you have this list, choose a few areas where you really want to work or explore. Choose the things that make you happy and plan to focus on these things every day. I learned about this aspect of weight loss during my fitness training at IIN and was recently reminded of it while chatting with my friend AB Eat Work Play Balanced. It’s amazing how balancing these other areas of your life brings you peace, helps relieve stress and keeps your diet balanced. Eating a balanced diet = looking for your happy weight.

Eat a meal-sized salad every day / eat more vegetables: The water and fiber in vegetables replenish you, help control blood sugar and keep you much better than processed carbohydrates. One way to eat lots of vegetables – eat a big salad a day! Check out my Seven Slimming Salad ebook for lots of healthy food-sized salads. Other ideas: Add vegetables to your eggs (try this frittata or cups of baked eggs), use unconventional vegetables (like cauliflower pizza crust or this cabbage noodle bowl), and sub-spiral vegetables for pasta (zucchini noodle this spicy shrimp Try pasta) or this zucchini noodle pad thai). Check out my friend Ali’s weight loss journey through spiraling. It’s so inspiring!

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Respect your biological appetite: It comes from instinctive eating and it is one of the best principles of practice in food. Eat only when you are really hungry! When you do this your body will be able to give you a signal of fullness. If you are not hungry then those symptoms will never happen. It can be hard to figure out because many of us in today’s world don’t know what hunger is. Take the time to tune in to your body and start respecting your true appetite.

Drink more water: Drinking plenty of water helps to lose weight, especially if you drink it before meals. Replacing water with sweet drinks like soda and juice will definitely help you lose weight! Set yourself a goal (like 64 ounces) and try to reach that amount every day.

Build Muscle: Did you know that muscle tissue burns more calories than body fat even when you are at rest? Studies show that 1 pound of muscle burns about 7-10 calories per day, while 1 pound of fat burns about 2-3. Want to build muscle? Add strength training/weightlifting to your weekly exercise routine and make sure you’re gaining enough weight to build muscle.

Eat Without Electronic Misleading: While watching TV, looking at the computer or your phone, you may lose track of how much you ate and what you overate. An article suggests that scattered eating a result if you eat 10% more than you. We are concentrating on it while eating our food. Turn off those electronic devices and enjoy your meal.

And go ahead: I’m not asking you to do your exercises to lose weight because your body is 80% your diet, 10% genetics, and 10% exercise and it is quite impossible (and unhealthy) to skip – unhealthy diet exercise. But exercise helps to lose weight and it makes you feel very good! Here are a few things to note: Walking just 10,000 steps a day burns an extra 500 calories a day, providing 3,500 calories per week. If you keep everything in your life the same but start walking 10,000 steps a day, you will lose about 1 pound per week.

Home cooking: Restaurant food is usually cooked with more fat, sodium, and sugar than the food used in your home. The parts are huge too. Research has also shown that those who cook more at home tend to eat less when eating out, which indicates that healthy eating habits in the kitchen turn into healthy habits when eating out. Want to start more cooking at home? I know a great place to find a lot of healthy recipes

Get plenty of sleep: Inadequate or poor sleep can increase the body’s appetite hormone leptin, a hormone that regulates fullness, can reduce production. In contrast, lack of sleep increases cortisol (stress hormone), which increases your body’s chances of storing energy and fat. Not ideal! Maintain your hormonal balance by turning on these zzzs. Aim to get at least seven hours each night, but listen to your body because everyone’s sleep needs are different. Read my full post about the health benefits of sleep.

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