Sqribble Reviews – How does Sqribble work?

Sqribble reviews best ebook creator: If you hire designers to create your ebook or white paper, you already know that the process is time consuming and can cost you a lot of money.

Scribble promises to make your life easier by simplifying the process of creating digital books. The manufacturer of this tool promises you everything you need to create professional looking e-books, white papers ,and reports.

So, what is Scribble? How does it work? And what are the main features? This squibble review will introduce you to the product, its features and its benefits. You need to read this before investing in this tool. You can find out if squibble is worth buying.

Quick introduction to squibble

If you are an online marketer, you already know that e-books, lead magnets and report emails are a great way to build a long list of customers.

You also know that all three are effective tools to increase their direct sales. Unfortunately, they take too long to create.

You will need a lot of designing, formatting and writing to ensure that they will be attractive to your target audience.

Sqribble is designed to help you create professional ebooks, white papers, reports and any other type of digital book in seconds. The idea is not new. The internet offers many other ebook makers.

Unfortunately, most of them are unfaithful. They have dirty templates and they are baggy and unreliable. Still, some work requires additional equipment.

Scribble is reliable. The manufacturer has packed it with professional templates and a beautiful cover. It’s also bug-free, something that makes the ebook creation process smooth and easy.

Most importantly, it comes with many powerful features such as an automated content table, drag and drop design and 300+ Google fonts.

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Who is the Creator?

Adil Chowdhury is the creator of Scribble. Chowdhury is a well known internet entrepreneur. He’s behind a lot of best-selling products like Pixel Studio FX, which has sold thousands of copies. Also, he is training internet marketers and those who want to increase their online sales.

Chowdhury has worked in the internet marketing industry for many years. For this reason, he knows what marketing professionals need for their campaigns.

He created the squibble to handle all the challenges he faced while doing his job. This tool will help you create e-books, white papers and reports at no extra cost. Also, you don’t need any help to create these.

How does Scribble work?

Squibble offers 50 templates to help you create a professional-looking digital book in minutes. You can change the design and color of your book as much as you like.

Drag-and-drop technology has made this possible. It lets you create ebooks in a variety of ways. You can start with scratch, grab a template from a URL, upload your Word files, copy and paste your text, or start with an article archive. Here is a brief introduction to each method.

Grab from a URL

This approach is ideal for businesses, including bloggers and websites. To do this you need to find a URL, copy it and paste it into the squibble tool.

Squeeble will turn web or blog content into digital books. It will also eliminate HTML coding and use the content of your website. Expect an ebook with everything off the site including images.

Start from scratch

This way you can easily create ebooks. All you have to do is type your content on the Scribble page – most of the time you type it into Word. Squibble will take the content and format it to bring a beautiful ebook.

Manual copy and paste

For this method you need to enter your content and images on the squibble platform. You can copy content from your Word file or any other source.

After pasting, the guide will prepare the content and format it to create a professional looking ebook.

Upload Word file

Squibble is also designed to pull content from your Word files. It will delete any strange format or code to create a beautiful ebook.

Start with the article collection

Squibble has a large library of private label articles. You can choose any article and use it at no cost. In addition, Scribble does not require you to link to sources or credit authors. So this is a great way to create a huge ebook collection without any cost.

In addition, Sqribble provides an editing screen that allows you to resize and edit text. You can use it to move text, add links, add media, call-to-action areas, lists, and new pages. Customize digital books to suit your needs.

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Key features of squibble

Sqribble eBook Creator comes with many features that make it a freelancer, marketing agency, marketingMakes it a great tool for professionals and those who use ebooks. Here are some of the important features to expect from this device.

Beautiful e-cover

Squibble offers 50 beautiful pre-made templates. The manufacturer categorizes the templates into 15 categories. This means that you have to choose the section that matches your niche.

Also, the templates have all the design features needed to promote your service or product You can customize the template using the drag and drop function when needed.

Instant Import

If you have already created content, this feature will make creating your ebook easier. Squibble lets you import content directly from available files. You can easily import it from PDF and Word Docs.

Even more, it lets you find unique words from the Internet and compile them to create a basic ebook. This means that the process of creating an ebook from scratch will take a few seconds.

Creating a flipbook

You are unlikely to find this feature in any other ebook creation tool available on the Internet This feature lets you turn your flat books into amazing interactive flipbooks.

Still, you can create animation-style flipbooks and use them like a real flipbook. Flipbooks attract more users and they will help you create more downloads.

Style and expression

After creating an ebook, you can redesign it and publish it if necessary. Squibble lets you move, edit and add bullet points. You can add italics, bold, pictures, paragraphs, dividers, text blocks and even call to action.

User friendly

Scribble is easy to use. For this reason, it is a perfect choice for novice and experienced online marketers. After writing your marketing material, it will automatically create the ebook.

Its live preview mode allows users to access their ebooks across multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Fast speed and compatible with multiple devices

Squibble is a cloud-based application that supports all devices. It loads very quickly because it uses the SAAS application. You do not need to install any software on your desktop computer.

All you have to do is connect your device to the internet, open the squibble and upload your documents. Next, click the “Generate” button. This tool will create a beautiful ebook for your marketing campaign.

Who should go for Scribble?

Squeeble is a great option for freelancers, small marketing companies, independent internet marketers and small business owners.

It allows you to publish Kindle books, create lead magnets, publish white papers, and create ebooks. If you are looking for an additional source of income, you can buy a commercial company license.

The license allows you to create ebooks and sell them on the Squibble website. You will then find an agency website with a pre-filled portfolio. Upload portfolios to your domain to reach your potential customers.

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