SteveWillDoIt Net Worth: Merch, Girlfriend, Age

Who is SteveWillDoit? SteveWillDoit is a popular American Instagram star, YouTuber, and social media personality, SteveWillDoIt net worth of $4 million as of 2023. He is one of the top content creators on the internet and is known for his hilarious challenge and prank videos.

SteveWillDoit gained popularity after collaborating with the boys of NELK and started making videos with Fez Rugg, Bradley Martin, Machine Gun Kelly, David Dobric, and other popular celebrities.

This guy has such an amazing fan following with his prank videos like downing an entire bottle of vodka in a very short time.

He has more than 3.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 240 thousand followers on Twitter. So let’s quickly discuss SteveWilldoit’s net worth, salary, assets, brand endorsements, luxury lifestyle, career, and some other interesting facts about him.

What is Stevewilldoit Net Worth

By 2023, SteveWillDoit’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million US. He is one of the top pranksters in the United States and has gained a lot of fame in a short period of time. His main source of income comes from his YouTube channel where he earns around $3500 per day.

He is making a lot of money through his content like prank and challenge videos shared on various platforms. He has also collaborated with NELK Entertainment where he charges a handsome amount.

According to some reports, SteveWillDoit has an annual income of over $1.5 million. He also earns money from brand endorsements and advertisements. SteveWillDoit has sent some expensive gifts to his fans he recently gifted a Tesla Model X to one of his fans.

How Rich is SteveWillDoit

Most of his income comes from a few primary streams on his YouTube channel, including his Nelk Boys content, his Marching Line, and his slice-of-the-pie investment.

YouTube content may be his main source of income but it’s actually his product sales that make him rich.

In addition to making money from his partnership with the Nelkl Boys, Steve is savvy enough to ship his own signature line.

Steve uploaded a series of videos in which he was shown consuming large amounts of food or alcohol, which helped him gain the attention of millions of online viewers.

SteveWilldoit gifted his mother a new Range Rover worth around $100,000, on the other hand, he bought a Corvette for his father and the car cost $60,000.

According to some reports, he spends up to 15 thousand dollars on the supply of cigarettes annually.

SteveWillDoIt Early Life

Steve was born on 26 August 1998 in Florida, USA. He attended a local public school in Florida and then started his career as a digital star who rose to stardom. He never went to university. His parents are Mr. and Mrs. DeLeonardis and he has one sister and one brother.

Stevewilldoit Age

Are you curious to know how old Steve is? Steve Will Do It is a famous YouTuber. Steve Will Do It is an Instagram star, American YouTuber, and influencer.

Here is to inform you that Steve Will Do It is a professional YouTuber. Steve Will Did It was born on August 26, 1998. As of 2022, he is 23 years old.

SteveWillDoIt Career

Steve initially started making videos in 2017. He used to post his challenge videos on Instagram. He later opened his YouTube channel called “SteveWillDoIt”. His channel has a lot of videos of marijuana or food consumption. He uploads the entire challenge video to YouTube, not just the short tape on Instagram Reel.

Additionally, he is a member of “NELK Entertainment“, a Canadian YouTube channel known for its funny videos. The most viewed video on his channel has nearly 10 million views and is titled “I handcuffed Brad Martin then ripped darts at my gym.”

Steve gained attention in 2019 when Demi Lovato criticized a video of him drinking heavily. This did not go well with Steve and it created some animosity between them so Demi Lovato blocked him. Steve then got his face tattooed on his thigh.

He made headlines again in early July this year when rapper 6ix9ine gifted him a limited edition, McLaren MSO X. In October 2021,

Steve and Selena were back in the limelight when they reunited. He has around 3.7 million followers on his Instagram account and is also quite active on Twitter where he has around 240k followers.

Stevewilldoit Girlfriend Name

Steve Will Do It is in a relationship with his girlfriend Selina Smith. The internet personality is moving forward with his romantic relationship with his girlfriend Selena aka Selena Smith.

Few people know that Steve and Selena first met while in high school. Selena talks about her career, as an American model and ENostagrammer. She creates content related to lifestyle & fashion.

FAQs: How Much is Stevewilldoit Net Worth

Q.: How much is Youtuber Steve will do it worth?

Popular YouTuber ‘Steve Will Do It’ has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

Q.: How much is NELK worth?

YouTubers are usually wealthier than they admit, often making their net worth look more relatable. As of 2023, Nelk Boys’ net worth is US$100,000,000. This is based on the value of his supercar, house, and online business.

Q.: Why is Steve Will Do It so rich?

Steve’s net worth is estimated at $4 million as of 2022. Most of his income is from his YouTube channel, he also earns money from Instagram.
He also earns his income through brand endorsements, paid sponsorships, partnerships, and collaborations. Working for NELK Entertainment pays him well.

Q.: How much money did Steve Will Do It make?

Stephen DeLeonardis known as SteveWillDoit has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. He is an Influencer, YouTuber, and Instagram star. He is in the limelight after posting his prank and challenge videos.

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