Vitality Health Fungus Clear Reviews

Vitality Health Fungus Clear is a probiotic formula that prevents toenail fungal infections. According to its website, it targets the root cause of toenail infections using a premium quality herbal blend. It is a risk-free product, suitable for people of all ages except children.

Toenail fungus, also called onychomycosis, is one of the most common and persistent fungal infections. In general, all fungal infections take a long time to heal, with a high probability of recurrence every few months.

But targeting the root cause and solving the real problem can help keep it from showing up again and again.

Although there is a medical treatment available for nail fungus, it can take months and sometimes years to heal. Also, using fungus clearing tablets can improve recovery from internal toenail infections by promoting health. Leaving the transition unreasonable is probably the worst idea.

It will not only damage the nails and the skin underneath, but it can also spread to nearby nails, damaging them.

What is Fungus Clear Supplement?

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According to the official product website, Vitality Health Fungus Clear is a top-selling nail-restoring energy formula in the form of a diet pill that helps people restore the health, strength, and appearance of their nails.

The Fungus Clear Supplement is said to be a combination of 9 premium anti-fungal nutrients for nail fungus treatment, nail youth, and healthy, natural nail color.

But when you dig deeper, you discover that the ingredients used are actually probiotic bacteria. So it is safe to say that Fungus Clear does not claim to be a natural or herbal supplement.

Manufacturer- Vitality Health Fungus Clear promises supplements to be gluten-free, chemical-free, vegetarian-friendly, and even GMO-free. However, I would need proof to verify these claims and I could not find any on the product website.

Vitality Health Fungus Clear Review – A Natural Anti-Fungal Supplement!

The Fungus Clear Supplement label describes itself as a “premium fungus formula.” What does that mean now? Is it a formula that contains fungicides?

Or any source that has been infected with the fungus? I’ve reviewed my fair share of anti-fungal formulas and fungus treatment formulas, but I’ve never seen a “fungus formula” before. So if you ask me, this is not a good start for a supplement that claims premium quality.

But I’ll leave that slide for the moment and get into the real Niti-Niti-Riti. The supplement is manufactured by a nutrition brand called Biological Health.

They must be new to the business because I have never heard of this brand before. For some reason, I can’t even find the brand logo on the product label.

Vitality Health Fungus Clear Ingredients List

Most hyped fungus scrub reviews are shared on the internet, here is a list of ingredients included in the fungus scrub formula:

Bacillus subtilis: According to research published in the Journal of Immunology, Bacillus subtilis helps the candida fight excess growth and helps the immune system to produce more healing antibodies.

Lactobacillus Plantarum: It can prevent fungal infections and strengthen immunity. It also helps in accelerating the healing power of the skin.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus: Several studies have concluded that Lactobacillus rhamnosus can reduce the accumulation of fungi in the body and produce natural antibodies to help attack the internal fungus.

Bifidobacterium longum: The growth of internal fungi threatens the body’s natural healing system. This probiotic also helps in the production of natural antibodies to fight the growth of internal fungi.

Lactobacillus casein: According to research published in the medical journal, Lactobacillus casein is helpful in many ways. In the case of foot fungus, it helps prevent fungal and viral infections.

Bifidobacterium breve: It has been shown to be helpful in suppressing Candida and strengthening the immune system.

Lactobacillus acidophilus: Medical experts have found that Lactobacillus acidophilus can help fight fungal infections.

From this ingredient list, it is clear that fungus clearing is another probiotic formula. Now, probiotics bring good and lots of health benefits. But a combination of probiotics alone is not enough to treat a serious fungal infection.

How Does the Fungus Clear Pill Work?

Fungal infections are mostly caused by a weakened immune system. Although most antifungal drugs fail to cure the condition completely, Fungus Clear claims that it removes it from the inside to provide long-term relief from foot fungus.

According to the official website, the supplement works like this:

Stage 1- Eliminates existing infections: Various forms of nail fungus are commonly seen in humans. Fungus Clear addresses their most common form.

Stage 2- Promotes overall health and the immune system: The ball immune system is one of the leading causes of fungal infections. The supplement boosts immunity and helps the body protect the skin. It helps fight against nail fungus attacks.

STEP 3 – Regular use of supplements helps to boost the immune system and protect against future nail health problems.

Vitality Health Fungus Clear Advantage

Some of the benefits that Fungus Clear can provide you are as follows:

Strong and healthy nails: Topical treatment does not provide long-term relief from fungal infections. On the other hand, Fungus Clear helps prevent the recurrence of nail infections and keeps nails healthy and strong at all times.

Protects against future fungal attacks: Fungus Clear supplements contain preventive probiotics that ensure protection against fungal attacks for longer than expected.

Helps you stay energized and strong: Strong probiotics promote a healthy immune response. It supports the whole immune system and always makes you feel energized.

Promotes a healthy gut: These probiotics in Bifidobacterium breve and Fungus Clear supplement formulas support good digestion and reduce unhealthy bowel movements.

Final judgment

As we have seen in this Vitality Health Fungus Clear review, the manufacturer of the supplement made some claims about the supplement but could not support them with sufficient evidence.

Customer feedback for the supplement has been overwhelming, to say the least, and it is clear that much of the hype surrounding the supplement has to do with shady marketing strategies.

However, the fungus clear supplement comes with a refund policy and so you can choose to take the risk.

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