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Best Pain Relief Factor Reviews: Relief Factor is a supplement designed to help relieve or reduce pain without the addition of any drugs or chemicals.

Based on extensive research, Relief Factor offers a proprietary blend of fish oil and other botanicals that help with joint stiffness, pain reduction, inflammation, and more.

One of those supplements currently on the market is known as Relief Factor. This is a very popular product among those looking for pain relief, but it may not be the right answer for everyone.

If you’re just learning about this product or you’re looking for a better solution for joint pain and other pain, here’s what you need to know.

What is the relief factor?

Relief Factor is a dietary supplement that is 100% drug-free and designed to relieve all types of pain and discomfort. It is made from a combination of vegetable ingredients and fish oil and is offered in capsule and soft gel tablet form.

Does the relief factor really work?

At the time of publication of this article, there are no published studies or clinical trials to prove the effectiveness of the relief ingredient. Their site features a handful of anecdotal testimonials claiming the product has worked for them.

Relief factor reviews claim that the product didn’t work for them at all, they had difficulty canceling their subscriptions, and some even suffered gastrointestinal side effects.

Relief Factor Ingredients

The Relief Factor ingredients aren’t bad enough to provide some good joint health benefits, there are some ingredients we like, and it’s not the most effective joint supplement for those who already get enough Omega 3, but the Relief Factor alternatives aren’t bad by any means.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids – Omega 3 is essential for maintaining healthy joints. They reduce inflammation and have been shown to be beneficial for several joint problems, including arthritis.

Resveratrol – Usually we are used to seeing this in brain health supplements, but like Omega 3, it doubles up for added benefits as we mentioned in the introduction.

Icariin – icariin looks like a promising ingredient to help relieve joint pain, but it is not the best supported, with plenty of animal studies confirming this, but minimal human testing available.

Turmeric – A meta-analysis of several clinical trials suggests that turmeric has beneficial effects on joint mobility and stiffness, but minimal differences in pain relief. Not bad ingredients, but there are better options for supplements focused on joint pain.

Health Benefits of Relief Factor Supplementation

Relief Factor aims to work with your body and support its natural healing process by activating four metabolic pathways to relieve pain and inflammation caused by aging, exercise, and daily activities. The product is designed to help heal tissue damage and reduce inflammation to reduce or eliminate your pain.

What are the side effects of the Relief Factor?

Some users claim that they have experienced side effects such as:

  • Severe abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • Diverticulitis
  • allergy
  • the rash

Their website offers no disclaimer, but their ingredients label suggests that people with sensitive stomachs may want to take the supplement with food.

Customers’ Relief Factor Reviews

Customer Relief Factor reviews are somewhat mixed, generally, there seem to be more success stories, but the bottom line is that Relief Factor exceeds the results people might expect.

That said, it looks like a relatively small number of legitimate Relief Factor reviews that we’ve had to dig up from the likes of Reddit.

We have had no real complaints of side effects from Relief Factor, which is to be expected from the dosage contained in the supplement.

Customers who complained of more severe pain suggested that the relief factors were not effective enough for their joint pain relief needs.

Relief Factor vs. Omega XL

Relief Factor is definitely a better option than Omega XL, it actually contains enough omega oils to meet your daily needs and has some additional ingredients that we have already mentioned.

It’s not the best option on this list, but it’s certainly better than the 300mg dose provided by the similarly priced Omega XL.

Relief Factor vs Physio Flex Pro

This is where the relief factor really gets lost. Physio Flex Pro has more supportive supplements than a Relief Factor and when it comes to a generic omega supplement for the money.

Physio Flex Pro gives you the most bang for your buck and the most effectively dosed ingredients to give you the best. A chance to find a supplement that works for you.


Is the product Relief Factor legitimate?

Relief factors have become a highly valued product with little or no improvement in muscle and joint pain. There is no valid research or evidence to support its claims and only some of its elements seem promising.

Does Relief Factor Really Work?

Somewhat yes, for mild aches and pains, the Relief Factor review and known effects of the ingredients suggest it should be somewhat effective. We do not recommend that any relief agent is suitable for more serious problems. It would be a good anti-aging supplement in general with the promise of joint pain relief.

Is Relief Factor safe?

Many people ask, does the relief factor increase blood pressure? Although it shouldn’t be, Resveratrol has been shown to lower blood pressure in some small trials, but raising blood pressure in humans is not a known relief factor side effect, although there is an ongoing consumer review on this.


Relief Factor is not a bad supplement, and its trial offer for $20 is quite reasonable. It’s a bit pricey for what you get after that. Will it help with minor joint pain and stiffness? Quite possible, but unlikely to help much with severe joint pain.

We don’t dislike Relief Factor, just make sure you temper your expectations and enjoy the trial offer on their website instead of going straight for the more expensive Relief Factor package.

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