Reviews on Capsiplex | Good for Weight Loss?

Reviews on Capsiplex:  The latest slimming pill to hit UK shores sounds too good to be true. Capsiplex claims to help you lose weight while sitting at your desk thanks to its ability to burn up to 278 calories — the same amount as a hamburger, a slice of pizza, or two large chocolate chip cookies.

While Capsiplex may be big news for the press, is it also big news for our waistlines?

What is Capsiplex?

Capsiplex is a slimming supplement that contains an ingredient called capsaicin, a natural compound found in chili peppers that gives them their heat.

It also contains three ingredients: caffeine, niacin (a B vitamin), and piperine (found in black pepper). Hence it is claimed to be 100% natural.

How does Capsiplex work?

The product claims that the black pepper (or capsaicin) in the pills stimulates our metabolism so we burn more calories and therefore lose body fat.

Ingredients of Capsiplex

Capsicum extract

Ingredients like capsaicin present in capsicum can help you lose fat faster. Capsicum is low in calories and high in dietary fiber, which can help regulate your body’s metabolism and suppress your appetite.


Caffeine is commonly known to increase alertness and improve concentration. This ingredient in Capsiplex can boost your energy to perform your daily tasks.


It is a vitamin B3 that can increase the production of adiponectin. It can effectively reduce your weight.


It is extracted from black pepper. It can be used to increase the performance of your metabolic cycle and can also help in getting rid of accumulated body fat.


It can help your body increase the effectiveness of insulin, a hormone that regulates the metabolism of fat cells. It can increase your energy which can help you during daily tasks and workouts.

Benefits of Capsiplex

Based on the benefits I got from Capsiplex I can categorize them under the following headings-

energetic full day

This is the best benefit of consuming Capsiplex. I never feel lethargic or tired when working all day and then going to the gym.

Controlled appetite

I was always skeptical about low-calorie foods because I used to snack on them between meals. This was my weakest point but with capsiplex I was able to overcome that too. It keeps me full and satisfied.

Proper metabolism

The added piperine ingredient in this product has helped improve my metabolism. With proper metabolism, it was easy to lose fat cells and maintain weight.

Burn stubborn fat

The fat-burning process becomes easy with this product. I managed to lose weight without exercise and a diet plan. But, I started going to the gym and switched to a low-calorie diet to speed up the process.

Reviews on Capsiplex side effects

It is not wise to take Capsiplex before asking these important questions: Is Capsiplex safe? Are there any Capsiplex side effects?

Capsiplex side effects related to weight loss and dietary supplements have not been reported by users. Capsiplex ingredients list contains only natural ingredients which makes it completely safe.

Make sure you follow the usage instructions found on the Capsiplex Fat Burning Pills product packaging. If you have a pre-existing condition or if you are taking any other medication, you should first consult your doctor before taking Capsiplex.

If you experience any discomfort while taking Capsiplex and you have a very good reason that it is caused by a supplement you are taking, you should stop the supplement immediately and consult a doctor.

Reviews on Capsiplex Pros

As with any slimming supplement, taking Capsiplex Slimming Pills means you’re spending more time thinking about what you’re eating and how much exercise you’re exercising—and that can only be a good thing.

Many people find that when they start taking supplements they believe will help them lose weight, they inadvertently change their diet and exercise habits, causing weight loss. In other words, slimming pills may have a placebo effect.

Reviews on Capsiplex Cons?

There is not enough evidence to suggest that this product works to burn more calories. A small study with only 25 subjects is not powerful enough to stand up to medical scrutiny—in fact, the study was not published in a peer-reviewed journal.

There is currently no evidence that the same results will be seen in those who take Capsiplex on a daily basis for a long period of time.

So it is a huge misconception that anyone taking this supplement will burn 278 calories per day if taken regularly by adults.

How to use Capsiplex for best results?

Take two capsiplex fat burner pills daily for the best results. Capsiplex On workout days you should take the daily dose 30 to 60 minutes before your workout or physical activity.

If it is a non-workout day, you should take 2 capsules before breakfast. Take your Capsiplex capsules with water. You’ll also find Capsiplex Sport, another type of Capsiplex capsule, a pre-workout supplement, but with a similar Capsiplex ingredient list.

Don’t get confused with Capsiplex Sport, regular Capsiplex works just fine and you will be able to get the best results.

Last words

This Review of the Capsiplex study examined the facts as well as the claims made by the marketers of this slimming pill, and while there were mixed reviews about its effectiveness, there were some positives.

It helps you stay awake, burns calories, and is moderately nutritious!

They used substances known for their ability to aid in weight loss and they ensured that the main ingredient was delivered in one of the best forms available in the market.

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